Prescott Engineering Services work closely with a number of specialist suppliers to allow a comprehensive service to oyr customers . These include :-


Technology Partner     CNC Systems, PLC's & Servo Drives.

CNC Systems, PLC's & Servo Drives.

CNC Systems, DRO's, Encoders & Scales

DC/AC Spindle & Servo Drives.

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CNC Sytems,Servo & Spindle Drives

CNC System, Servo & Spindle Drives

PLC Systems & Motion Controls


Automation Systems


PLC Systems & Servo Drives.

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A Main supplier for electrical cables, accesseries and components

A main supplier for all engraving reqirements on our  control panels and systems

We enjoy a high level of technical support from manufacturers supplementing our in-house expertise. This gives confidence in our solutions and allows the most cost-effective solutions to be offered, which combine practicality with minimal disruption to production processes.